Think of a hobby or interest and odds are good you can now find a convention just for folks into that particular thing. Comic-Con, Gen Con, Dragon Con, Anime Expo, the official Star Trek Convention, Brickworld, Pax Prime, BronyCon, we’re barely scratching the surface. But what about people who love nothing better than making balloon art? Do they have a place to get together and share their mutual appreciation for blowing up balloons and twisting them together to form whatever their hearts’ desire? They sure do.

It’s called the World Balloon Convention and, thanks to the Pioneer Balloon Company, it’s been taking place since 2010. Balloon artists from around the world gather to show off their creations, compete against each other, and offer classes on balloon sculpture. This year’s convention took place in Denver, CO, where over 800 balloon professionals (decorators, twisters/entertainers, artists, retailers and instructors) from over 54 countries participated in the events.

All of the awesome balloon sculptures seen here were created for the convention’s most anticipated event, the Festival of Balloons. More than 75 artists displayed their balloon art at this year’s festival, which was attended by over 6000 people.

Click here to view more photos from the Festival of Balloons

[via Design Taxi and Neatorama]